Daehee & Co.

We Bought TN.com

September 05, 2015

We are now the proud owner of the 2-letter domain name TN.com!

I won’t share how much we paid for this domain name, but it was certainly a bold decision by everyone on our team. We don’t view this merely as a vanity URL. Instead, this is a long-term play for our brand.

We believe it’ll be well worth the price so that we can, for one, further enhance our word-of-mouth marketing. Most of our new customers come through referrals, and this domain name now makes it that much easier to spread the word to friends and family. (We understand that “Tuft & Needle” can be a mouthful.)

Stay tuned for all the awesome marketing campaigns that will now feature TN.com as the call-to-action.

Daehee Park

Written by Daehee Park who lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona building useful things. Get in touch via Twitter.