Privacy Tools

  • IVPN – Protect and hide your identity online, especially while on a public wifi network. IVPN is one of the most reputable premium providers with a well-designed desktop & mobile UX. ($15/month)
  • Signal – End-to-end encrypted instant messaging (free & open source)
  • ProtonMail – Privacy-conscious email provider with cutting-edge encryption technology (free)
  • NextCloud – Private, self-hosted cloud storage alternative to Dropbox/Google Drive based on open source software. HostISO is an official NextCloud hosting partner if you don’t want to set up and manage a server on your own. (free up to 5GB; 4 cents per GB beyond)
  • DeleteMe – Paid service to monitor and cleanse your personal information from data brokers and public directories e.g. Spokeo, Whitepages, Intelius ($129/year)