Open Source Research & Investigations

Productivity & Organization

  • Maltego – Foundational for your OSINT workflow, Maltego is a professional-grade case file and visualization software that maps out the web of connections to and from your target subject. (community edition is free)
  • Hunchly – As you investigate tabs on tabs of websites, the Hunchly desktop app paired with Chrome browser extension automatically logs all your source details and screenshots in the background. You can later export your Hunchly case data to Maltego for deeper analysis. ($129/year)
  • Zim – Quickly set up wiki-style notebooks for each of your projects in this lightweight app (free)
  • Evernote – Although bloated and not my go-to notes app for quick entries, Evernote is indispensable for longer-term storage of project notes backed up in the cloud. No other software can come close to its capability in tagging and OCR search — especially for screenshots and PDFs — for easy access and reference in the future. (free)

Website Investigations

  • DomainTools – Historical domain information for WHOIS info, reverse IP lookup, reverse email / name look up ($99/month subscription)
  • Builtwith – relationship profile between domains via analytics tracking codes and IP addresses (free)
  • – search footprints of code block / analytics tags across sites (free)
  • SpyOnWeb – related websites across IP and tracking tags (free)
  • – reverse SSL certificates, helps pierce through Cloudflare IP (free)
  • CrimeFlare – pierce through Cloudflare DNS / IP, not sure if archive is still being maintained as the results are very hit or miss (free)
  • DNStrails – Comparable feature set to DomainTools with robust API, good reference as second opinion when DomainTools comes up short (free)
  • ViewDNS – Full featured reverse DNS lookups, most useful for reverse IP and reverse name/email queries (free)
  • Link Redirect Trace – Chrome/Firefox browser extension to instantly visualize 301 redirect chains, useful for collecting parameters that are intentionally hidden through masked URLs (free)
  • Image Backtrace! – Chrome browser extension for adding right-click shortcuts to reverse image search and view EXIF metadata (free)
  • Sputnik – Chrome browser extension for handy access to easily search IPs, domains, file hashes and URLS (free)

Social Media Research

  • StalkScan Facebook Scanner – Access Facebook public graph data (comments, likes, connections, tagged photos, etc) for target individual’s profile. (free)