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Memento Mori

August 21, 2015

From a conversation with a mentor yesterday: Savor the moment you live in now. It’s healthy to visualize and plan for the future, but don’t live for it.

Hard work and smarts have played a non-trivial role in building this company so far. But also acknowledge the fortunate circumstances and timing. The mattress industry was perfectly ripe for disruption. The ecosystem of contributing factors is far too complex to rationalize away or ignore.

The tradition of memento mori in ancient Rome serves as a reminder that you are mortal. “Remember that you will die.” A victorious general parading around the city in all his glory was judiciously accompanied by a servant holding a skull, repeating this motto to prevent ego and overconfidence when going into the next battle.

Always feel grateful for what you have today. This grounds your mindset for self-awareness and continued success.

Daehee Park

Written by Daehee Park who lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona building useful things. Get in touch via Twitter.