My name is Daehee (pronounced “day-hee”) Park.

I co-founded Tuft & Needle in 2012 to fix the mattress industry. We pioneered the category of “one perfect mattress” that works for everyone, and notably stripped away all the gimmicks we as consumers all hate. Our movement in the mattress industry (cutting out the middlemen, transparency in materials, same fair pricing for everyone, real warranty without proration, truly risk-free sleep trial, donation-based returns) now represents over $1 billion in mattresses sold with over 100 lookalike brands. We bootstrapped to $100 million in revenue with our initial investment of $6,000 and have yet to take any outside funding.

I’m Korean-American, Pennsylvania-bred in the Pocono Mountains, and now living in Phoenix, Arizona (I Believe in PHX, come join us here).

My degree was in cyber security from Penn State University, and I still heavily nerd out on infosec and privacy.

All opinions on this website are personal and do not reflect the views of Tuft & Needle. This is my personal website where I share my reflections and experiences with business and life. What’s posted here is intended to be unpolished, raw notes to help me work out my thoughts.


Feel free to get in touch about anything. Send me a note at hello@daehee.com (pgp) or tweet @daehee.