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Hello, I’m Daehee (pronounced “day-hee”). I’m a Korean-American entrepreneur living in Phoenix, Arizona. I make a few things on the internet and here is where I organize them.

In 2012, I co-founded Tuft & Needle (TN.com) to overturn the mattress business as we knew it — a stale industry that had been sitting complacent on over $16 billion of annual consumer sales. Five years later, since Tuft & Needle popularized the “bed-in-a-box” category, all that’s been quickly changing. Now even all the industry incumbents are trying to play catch-up with their own look-alike digital brands. Starting with just $6,000 of personal savings, we’ve bootstrapped Tuft & Needle to over $170 million in revenue. Tuft & Needle has been the #1 rated mattress on Amazon.com for the past four years and counting.

I’m also currently advisor to Populum, a full-stack wellness company providing the purest-quality hemp CBD products. Every batch of hemp extract is exclusively sourced from Colorado farms and 3rd-party tested for full-spectrum quality.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity from Penn State University with a focus on operations security and digital privacy.

This website is a collection of thoughts on business, technology, and marketing.

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Each and every thought on this website is my own. These opinions are in no way affiliated with Tuft & Needle, Populum or any other company that I currently have any involvement in.